Live. Eat. Tag. Repeat.


Why TagRabid?

Have you ever played tag when you were a kid? It’s a classic game where the ‘tagged’ one would chase other players and touch or ‘tag’ them. Once that person is tagged, she/he would in turn do the same by tagging another player and so the game continues chasing one another. It’s pure adrenaline, social and lots of fun.

At TagRabid, we are inspired by the simplicity of engagement between one another in the game. Just like branding on social media, it is about connecting with the next person making them connected and fully committed to engage with one another. We envisioned to bring your brand to a level where your consumers are truly involved in engaging with your brand and eventually making it spread like a game of tag.

We are a collective of creatives from many disciplines in branding, marketing, digital, design, photography, writing, social media, sound and video design and we come together to build your brand on social media platforms.

And why ‘rabid’? Because we simply are passionately crazy about what we do.

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