Live. Eat. Tag. Repeat.


Why TagRabid?

Have you ever played tag when you were a kid? It’s a classic game where the ‘tagged’ one would chase other players and touch or tag them. Once the new person is tagged she/he would in turn do the same by tagging another player and so the game continues chasing one another. It’s pure adrenaline and lots of fun.

At TagRabid, we are inspired by the simplicity of engagement between one another in the game. Just like branding, it is about connecting with the next person making them connected and fully committed to engage with others. We envisioned to bring your brand to a level where your consumers are truly involved in engaging with your brand and eventually making it spread like a game of tag.

We are a collective of creatives from many disciplines i.e, branding, digital, design, photography, copy, social media, to sound and video design and we come together to build your brand on digital.

Oh and why ‘rabid’? Because simply like our motto, we are crazy about what we do.




Our team

The Tag Players

Vanda Chan, Lead Gen Digital Marketer

Vanda helps deliver better and more effective social media marketing results. Proficient in e-commerce marketing and social media crisis management, she helps build leads for companies

Having worked with Nestle Malaysia as webmaster, and experience in handling more than a hundred digital campaigns and activations for brands like MILO, MAGGI, NESCAFE, KIT KAT, PURINA, and NESTLE DRUMSTICK. 

Jerlynn Tan, Writer & Social Media Planner

A fan of the written word from a young age, Jerlynn has worked in the creative industry since her days as a Law student at SOAS, University of London. Upon graduation, she handled the corporate communication, marketing, and social media of a top professional services firm before leaving to pursue a career in freelance writing.

Her portfolio is diverse and covers clients from multiple industries, including banking, professional services, home appliances, non-profit, and beauty.

Cathrynne Yeong, Writer

Cathrynne has worked in many different industries from finance, marketing, manufacturing to education. Her combined experience resulted in her ability to connect the dots for all the major business functions in her writing. She can explain and engage with the audience through her storytelling which is simple, genuine and honest.

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