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passionately to build delightful brands for our clients with social media marketing.


The digital realm has opened up a whole new frontier for brand building. Social media marketing builds brand relationship and creates emotional attachment that is much more open, sticky and reaches far deeper into consumer’s psyche. Building a brand now takes far shorter time than previously could, somewhat thanks to overarching engagement social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok and whatever the latest flavours of the month.

As a boutique social media marketing and brand engagement agency, TagRabid engages brand with consumers on the social media environment. All these with one thing at heart—help brands build engagement and grow communities digitally for the real world.

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Engagement and customization drives digital adoption with new focus on conversion and proper online lead qualification for brand.

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Constantly evolving, brand lives in the heart and mind of consumer—it must evolve and engage with wherever their consumers are.

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Social media is the engagement channel to connect and build affinity, confidence and loyalty, showcasing the brand’s personality.


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We use the collective creative brain power, awesome content creation skills, consumer insights, and many cups of coffee to give us the extra edge.

Our special sauce is in planning and managing social media content and digital marketing campaign to build engagement with your consumers. What that means is now, we can give better content in building your brand on digital platforms to better fit into the new environment where social media, influencer and video sits perfectly well with data, analytics and what’s next.

From content creation, blogging, influencer marketing to social media engagement via the big four; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube—social media marketing has evolved and consumers are reportedly connected on the mobile phones more than ever before. Your brand just gotta be social!

Regardless if you are refreshing an existing brand or looking to create a new one, we will help you to audit, research, create, position, and strategize one that would challenge category leader. Start a business but build a brand, and your business shall grow.

Video is eating everyone’s pie and by 2019, 80% of online consumption will be it. TagRabid helps plan, strategize, create ideas, produce and optimize video for brand building. We deliver end-to-end video marketing solutions for your brand.

Make your Google presence count and found. TagRabid’s SEO team diligently work behind the scene creating and building links and digital assets to ensure your Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) consistently outrank your competitors. It offers you the greatest opportunity at that exact micro moment where your motivated consumers are ready to buy.

Better known as SEM, it is yet another effective strategy to grow your business in an increasingly competitive digital environment. When consumer’s attention span is diminishing, it is crucial that your brand is constantly reaching out and engaging with them.

Google ranks websites based on the quality of the information, user’s ease of navigation and how functional it is. Our team of developers, coders, UX/UI designers and planners ensure your website’s relevance, functionality and aesthetics lead to one great user experience.

"The first lesson of branding: memorability. It's very difficult buying something you can't remember."
Sir John Hegarty
Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Social media marketing is a process of building emotional and
rational attachment between consumer and brand on social media
in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals.


Driving engagement for brands




Anderson started his career in advertising about 20 years ago in Singapore and then Malaysia, having worked in international agencies namely FCB, J.Walter Thompson, Publicis, Y&R, McCann, Asatsu-DK and Naga DDB Tribal.

He has been building international, regional and local brands, from creating advertising, strategy planning, TV commercials, digital campaigns to marketing communication ideas developing brands for KFC, Toshiba, Honda, Fujifilm, Mitsubishi Motors, Hisamitsu, Cadbury, Singapore Army, National Environment Agency (Singapore), Standard Chartered Bank, and Shell.

Anderson earned his Executive Master’s Degree in Marketing from the City University of New York’s Baruch College. He is a certified digital marketer from Columbia Business School, voted 3x as top 300 Asia’s Most Creative and has won numerous international awards throughout his career.




Brian is a Certified Advanced SEO professional from Search Engine Academy Certified Google Partner specialized in search advertising & display advertising. He is an agile digital marketer with analytical proficiency, data driven, digital savvy & result orientated. His portfolio works include clients from Lean Partner, ACR Chiller Rental, AGV Environmental, AGV Sustainability, German Tech Motorworks.  

Brian is well-versed in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Mobile friendly Web Design, CRM, PPC, email autoresponder, Facebook Marketing, Shopify, Ecommerce.

A first class honours bachelors degree in electrical & electronic engineering, he is a results-driven technologist with a strong research and development background with more than 20 years of working experience. He owns an analytics firm which is a strategic partner of TagRabid.


Phone: +6012 500 5622
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Address: No.13, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara
50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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About Us

TagRabid is a Digital Brand Engagement company formed to help build brands to enable them to connect with their users and maintain their relevancy in today's digital world.

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